Insert fireplace

Attachable to the current situation

An insert fireplace is placed in an existing fireplace or opening afterwards, during a renovation for example, without a lot of breaking. The connection then takes place along the inside of the fireplace unit. In this way it’s perfectly possible to keep your existing ornamental fireplace and still enjoy all the advantages of a modern fireplace.

built-in fireplace

Newly-built construction

A built-in fireplace, as the name suggests, is for building in. For this, the fireplace unit is first installed and connected, and the sheathing is only placed afterwards. A built-in fireplace is the perfect choice for newly-built houses or a comprehensive renovation because it offers limitless possibilities for integration according to your preference, interior and available space.


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Which fuel provides the most heat? Wood, gas, pellets, …?

When wood is burned, for example, more heat is produced than when gas is burned. Wood has what is called a higher calorific value. This not does mean that a gas hearth is incapable of producing more heat than a wood-burning hearth. The capacity depends on the amount of fuel that is burned.

What is the difference between capacity and efficiency?

The capacity is the amount of heat that a device delivers to the room. This capacity is expressed in kilowatts. Of course, capacity is determined to a great extent by the amount of fuel that is loaded into the device.

Efficiency refers to the portion of the fuel that is effectively utilized for heating. It is expressed as a percentage. A portion of the heat is used for the chimney or is lost. The higher the efficiency, the less heat that is lost and, therefore, the less fuel that is needed.

The efficiency percentage, which the manufacturer is legally required to state, is the efficiency at maximum capacity. When the capacity required is less than the maximum, the efficiency, generally speaking, decreases drastically. When you choose a FLAM solution, which comes standard equipped with a precision system for regulating capacity, you retain an efficiency of more than 80%, even at low capacity.

How can I calculate the annual costs of the different fuels?

See the conversion table at

Can I continue to use my stove/hearth during power outages?

The FLAM wood-burning hearths and stoves are equipped with electric ventilators which you can turn on and off as required. Therefore, a FLAM hearth can be used during a power outage without any problem at all. A gas hearth or a pellet stove, both of which need electricity for the supply of fuel, will not function during a power outage.

Is it possible to install a hearth or stove in a low-energy or passive house?

A hearth that is equipped with a precision capacity regulation system can also be used in well-insulated low-energy and passive houses. A FLAM wood-burning hearth or a FLAM gas-burning hearth can be easily regulated between 2.5 KW and the maximum capacity (stated on the device). A Flam Pellet Plus easily be modulated between 1.5 kW and 5 or 8 kW without a problem. That is why it is always a good idea to speak to your FLAM dealer about which device is best for your situation.

With which legal standards must a hearth or stove comply?

Today, the legal standards still vary from country to country. The strictest standards apply in Germany. Today, the FLAM devices already comply with the European standards which will apply starting in 2017.
These standards are: CO ≤ 0.1% – Fine particulate matter ≤ 40 mg/Nm³ – Efficiency ≥ 75%.

Can I always connect my new hearth or stove to my existing chimney?

Your chimney is the motor of your hearth or stove. It is smart to have your existing chimney inspected by a specialist. A chimney must not only be in excellent condition in order to prevent the risk of fire, but its diameter, height, number of corners etc. are also important for the proper functioning of your hearth or stove. In some cases, adjustments are required. The FLAM dealer will always perform a technical inspection before installing a hearth or stove.

Why should I call on an authorized FLAM dealer?

A FLAM dealer is authorized to install FLAM solutions. At the start of our collaboration, each dealer must follow the FLAM training and must then participate annually in the follow-up training held at the FLAM headquarters. The focus during these training courses is on the absolute safety, environmental friendliness and optimal efficiency of the devices to be installed. For specific problems and questions, a permanent team of technical specialists is standing by to provide assistance on-site or via the telephone.


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