Insert fireplace

Attachable to the current situation

An insert fireplace is placed in an existing fireplace or opening afterwards, during a renovation for example, without a lot of breaking. The connection then takes place along the inside of the fireplace unit. In this way it’s perfectly possible to keep your existing ornamental fireplace and still enjoy all the advantages of a modern fireplace.

built-in fireplace

Newly-built construction

A built-in fireplace, as the name suggests, is for building in. For this, the fireplace unit is first installed and connected, and the sheathing is only placed afterwards. A built-in fireplace is the perfect choice for newly-built houses or a comprehensive renovation because it offers limitless possibilities for integration according to your preference, interior and available space.


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and craftsmanship

Flam fireplaces & stoves

For more than 80 years.

As a family business, we always did our own thing. Our goal was to surprise through innovation. And have we succeeded in this so far? Up to you to judge: the first cast-iron open fireplace with a saving valve, the first fireplace with a door, the Multi-Turbo combustion system ... Today as well, we remain on the vanguard and write history with all kinds of aesthetic and functional innovations in gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces and wood stoves.

Passion that can't be

Passion and drive are keywords at FLAM. Our employees are possessed by it, they wake up with and go to sleep with it. This passion and drive are completely decisive for the quality of the products which leave our workshops every day. Only when we succeed in transferring the passion for fire and craftsmanship to our customers are we ourselves happy.

Flam fireplaces & stoves

Enjoying heart-warming

Honest and simple moments of pure enjoyment, that’s what we work towards. Searching together with us for the best fireplace or stove for your specific needs creates beautiful moments in and of itself. Once installed at your house, these pleasant moments remain. FLAM after all stands for enjoying the simple things in life.

Flam fireplaces & stoves


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