Insert fireplace

Attachable to the current situation

An insert fireplace is placed in an existing fireplace or opening afterwards, during a renovation for example, without a lot of breaking. The connection then takes place along the inside of the fireplace unit. In this way it’s perfectly possible to keep your existing ornamental fireplace and still enjoy all the advantages of a modern fireplace.

built-in fireplace

Newly-built construction

A built-in fireplace, as the name suggests, is for building in. For this, the fireplace unit is first installed and connected, and the sheathing is only placed afterwards. A built-in fireplace is the perfect choice for newly-built houses or a comprehensive renovation because it offers limitless possibilities for integration according to your preference, interior and available space.


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Nothing beats a wood fire. To really enjoy a wood fire that is also environmentally friendly and economical, the wood used must meet a number of requirements.

Burning wood is in principle CO2-neutral and releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as wood broken down in nature. Growing trees then absorb the CO2 again. It is very important that you only burn untreated and dry wood.

Painted, oiled or impregnated wood are a definite no-no for your appliance and causes irresponsible pollution of your appliance and the environment. The use of pine wood is also not recommended, given the amount of resins.

The condition for full and clean combustion is 'dry' wood (humidity of no more than 20%). The burning of wet wood leads to an incomplete combustion and is harmful to the environment, your appliance and your chimney (carbon monoxide, gas, tar and fine dust).

The 'solid fuel' Flam appliances allow you to consistently choose the cheapest fuel. Wood, briquettes and coal are the most used solid fuels and allow for continuous firing. The Flam stoves and insert fires fitted with a Flam multi-fuel grid, are perfectly suitable for heating, not only using wood briquettes, brown coal briquettes, anthracite, and such, but also with CO2-neutral biomass, like pellets, corn, cherry pips, coconut shells, and such!


All FLAM gas appliances achieved the HR+ label guaranteeing a minimum output of 85%! If you opt for gas heating, you opt for ease of use without sacrificing atmosphere. With a FLAM gas stove, you create a flame spectacle that will not be outdone by a wood stove ... without you having to refill it.


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