Insert fireplace

Attachable to the current situation

An insert fireplace is placed in an existing fireplace or opening afterwards, during a renovation for example, without a lot of breaking. The connection then takes place along the inside of the fireplace unit. In this way it’s perfectly possible to keep your existing ornamental fireplace and still enjoy all the advantages of a modern fireplace.

built-in fireplace

Newly-built construction

A built-in fireplace, as the name suggests, is for building in. For this, the fireplace unit is first installed and connected, and the sheathing is only placed afterwards. A built-in fireplace is the perfect choice for newly-built houses or a comprehensive renovation because it offers limitless possibilities for integration according to your preference, interior and available space.


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FINO 100/42 F

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Flam fireplaces & stoves
Flam fireplaces & stoves

Our slogan, “devoted to fire”, nicely captures what we stand for at FLAM: a driven and inspired production of innovative and ground-breaking fireplaces and stoves where atmosphere, design, quality and efficiency prevail. And this is combined with effort and passion which invariably lead to deliciously intense, cosy moments, to memories that will be cherished for a long time.


The looks and
authenticity of a wood fireplace

The choice for the right type of fireplace is determined by various factors. In addition to your style, taste and personal preferences, the practical considerations are also important. Is it a new building where all the options are open or is it a renovation which limits your possibilities? Together with you, we’ll be happy to determine the choice for an installed fireplace or an insert fireplace, for a frontal, see-through or corner type. All FLAM fireplaces also stand out due to their economical combustion technology and durable choice of materials.

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Flam fireplaces & stoves

The cosiness of
a stove

Our range of solid fuel stoves is comprised of three types: Rondo, Cavita and Eleganza. Rondo can burn wood and briquettes, Cavita and Eleganza allow mixed burning with wood and/or coal. Rondo, as the name suggests, is a round and modern curved model. Cavita by default has an integrated wood niche and Eleganza has an extra high combustion chamber.

Discover our range
Flam fireplaces & stoves


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